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SLIT Allergy Drops: Needle-Free Allergy Treatment

Now you can treat your allergies from home with allergy drops instead of weekly visits to the allergy clinic for allergy shots!

Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) is an allergen immunotherapy, identical to allergy shots, but more concentrated. SLIT treatment involves putting drops of allergen extracts under your tongue. SLIT drops have been used in Europe for over 40 years. They have a long record of safe and effective use by allergy sufferers. In fact, research has shown that SLIT allergy drops are just as effective for symptom reduction as allergy shots.

SLIT Allergy Drops: Safe and Convenient

DSC_0330Sublingual drops for allergies are much more convenient (and just as effective) as allergy shots. Adverse reactions to SLIT treatment are extremely rare and milder compared to injection immunotherapy. Because the risks are low, patients can safely self-administer their sublingual drops at home. Patients who travel love drops for allergies because they can take them on the road. If they miss appointments at the allergy clinic, they’re miserable! The convenience of allergy drops keeps them on track with their treatment.

SLIT Allergy Treatment Protocol

After allergy skin tests have determined your allergens, we mix sterile, purified extracts of these allergens. You place drops of this mixture under your tongue daily as instructed, usually 1 to 3 times per day. Your body absorbs the allergy drops under your tongue. You will be given 3 vials of SLIT drops. Two vials are “buildup” drops for allergies. The third vial contains “maintenance” allergy drops. You will usually stay on SLIT allergy drops for a maintenance period of one year, using 2 to 3 allergy drops per day. After the first year, you can often maintain relief from allergy symptoms with a SLIT treatment program of one sublingual drop per day for 2 to 3 years.

SLIT allergy drops have also been used with great success for food allergy treatment and allergies to animals.

Anderson Allergy & Asthma proudly offers allergy testing and allergy treatment including immune therapy through allergy shots and SLIT allergy drops for patients living in Orlando, Winter Park, Winter Springs, Winter Garden, Ocoee and Kissimmee, Florida.

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