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Higher Standards for Allergy Testing and Treatments

Here at Anderson Allergy & Asthma, we have three unique standards regarding allergy testing, diagnosis and treatment:

Collecting Your History and How This Affects Allergy Treatment

We take the time to ask specific questions and narrow down the cause(s) of your allergies. We don’t make assumptions. Instead, we ask you to describe your allergic reactions in detail. We ask you to tell us about the reality you’re living with in order to correctly diagnose your allergies and suggest treatment.

Your allergy patterns will be used to interpret your allergy skin tests. Allergy testing is important, but most important is the question, “Does this patient’s reality, as described by her allergy symptoms, match the allergy test results?” If not, this may indicate false negatives or false positives on your allergy skin tests. We insist on complete information to make the best allergy treatment recommendations for you.

Allergy Testing and Imagination for the Treatment of Allergies

You feel miserable enough! We limit prescription drugs, if possible, so that you can avoid their side effects. Instead, we take a more imaginative approach. We use many forms of therapy in order to customize your allergy treatment and avoid the use of drugs. You will learn how to decrease your exposure to allergens. Our allergy specialists take the time to educate you about your allergy test results and what they mean. You will learn what’s going on in your body and what your allergy treatment will do for you.

Utilizing a European Allergy Treatment

In our office, we use a highly successful treatment option called SLIT allergy drops. SLIT is short for Sublingual Immunotherapy. These drops have been used in Europe for over 40 years with a high rate of success. Ours was the first allergy clinic to use SLIT allergy drops here in Central Florida. We have also used them with success. After allergy skin tests have determined your allergens, we mix sterile, purified extracts of these allergens. You place drops of this mixture under your tongue as instructed. That’s it! No weekly allergy shots! No needles! This allergy treatment is safe and convenient for patients who travel, young children, and the elderly.