Shots not available at downtown Orlando office on Thursdays. No pets in office.

An Allergy Doctor Who Treats You as an Individual

As a unique individual, your allergies affect your body and your life differently than they would another person. Our strategy is simple: reduce your allergies so that you don’t feel bad and miss out on life. You’ll miss less work or school and also won’t miss out on fun!

Our allergy specialists take time to identify the cause of the problem and determine your specific allergy treatment. We will give you strategies to reduce your exposure to your particular allergen. Over-the-counter and prescription nasal sprays can have serious side effects and cause addiction. So we only use medication if necessary. Sometimes, treatment includes allergy shots or SLIT allergy drops.

We find the best and most natural way to treat your allergies.

Our office is conveniently located at 63 West Underwood Street in Orlando, Florida 32806. We invite you to call us at 407-872-1110 to schedule your appointment. We are accepting new patients and referrals.

A Doctor-Owned Allergy Clinic

Our allergy clinic is an independently-owned practice—and has been serving Central Florida for over 26 years.

When you choose an independent allergy doctor:

  • You get individual attention to determine your specific allergy treatment.
  • We control our decisions, which are made in your best interest.
  • Our allergy specialists spend the time necessary with you to find the correct cause and treatment for your allergies.
  • You’ll have a partnership relationship with allergists who will design an allergy treatment that fits your life.
  • Enjoy next-day appointments and quick follow-ups. You won’t have to wait 2 weeks to make an adjustment to your allergy treatment protocol. Urgent cases can also be seen quickly at our allergy clinic.
  • Feel safer, knowing your allergy doctor and his team put an emphasis on protecting the security of your personal information and ensuring the accuracy of billing.

Anderson Allergy & Asthma proudly offers allergy testing and allergy treatment including allergy shots and SLIT allergy drops for patients living in Orlando, Winter Park, Winter Springs, Winter Garden, Ocoee and Kissimmee, Florida.

Shots not available at downtown Orlando office on Thursdays. No pets in office. Service animals are allowed with prior notification to the office.

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